Five Benefits of Having a Morning Routine

Have you heard the saying, “well begun is half done”? It means beginning a task correctly and properly makes the rest of the task easier. The same can be applied to our daily life too.

Every successful person has a morning routine, which they follow without fail. It’s one of the reasons behind their continuous success. It can bring amazing results and changes in our daily lives. If you care to google on this topic you will find numerous posts about the positive reasons why you should wake up early, exercise and have a routine that fits your time plan perfectly.

morning routinePast three years, I missed getting up with the larks and enjoying the moments of calm before the hustle and bustle of the day began, due to various reasons. But now that I’m back in order, I realize what I was missing in those years. To me, my morning routine is the best and favourite part of the day. It works wonders in my life.

Maybe you should try it too. Here are five reasons to convince you on that 😉


Or more like an aim. I know what I’m supposed to do when I open my eyes and it compels me to get up from the bed. There were many days without any plan and I would go back to sleep knowing I have nothing to do and have the rest of the day to figure things out. Well, it has changed now. I strike off most of the tasks on my to-do list in the morning itself and still has ample time left to browse through the internet or catch up with the latest news.


The order helps to finish the tasks efficiently and on time, and be ready to leave the house without running late. There is enough time left to double check on things and reach the destination early before the rush hour begins. I use the time till friends arrive, to read the book or brush up the lessons on the previous day. This helps me control my nerves and be super calm and poised to face what the day brings on.


It comes with the daily morning routine. Learning to get ahead of the plan has taught me how to utilize and manage the available time efficiently. The practice has made things a lot easier. I make a list of what needs to be done the night before, and try to accomplish them within the available time. Don’t know how to explain it, but it’s been working well for me.


Phew! Getting the jobs done in a decent manner is always counted as an accomplishment in my list. Knowing I have done all that got to be done keeps the stress level too low. There are no fretting or shedding tears over something I couldn’t do, neither any scenarios of dreading what it might cause. I’ve been a lot happier these days. And most of the credit goes to my morning routine.


It’s not just about getting the tasks done and being ready on time. It starts with each thing I do since waking up; each thing contributes to the final such as the faith/hope from reading the Bible, the energy after yoga and meditation, eating a healthy breakfast and running chores in between. Did I miss tea? 😉 And gratitude? All things together work the magic and boost up my level of confidence.

Do you agree? Do you have a morning routine? Has it changed your daily life in any way? I would like to hear it.


Life Lately

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetGood things happen when we least expect it; May was such a month for me. Despite what the month brought along to my life, it turned out to be the rosiest month so far, in this year.

The decision to join a regular course was in consideration for a long time. Husband believed it would be good for me both careerwise and personally, he had been encouraging me for more than a year. But I was reluctant thinking everyone else would be younger than me and was a tad ashamed to admit it openly.

The recent downturn in our situation urged me to move ahead with the plan willy-nilly. But hey, it was one of the best decision of my life. I wasted so much energy being anxious over nothing. I was the happiest person in the batch realizing the majority of students are of my age.

Everyone had a story to tell. All these years, I kept thinking Life was being unjust to me the most, but this has opened my eyes.

I saw them working hard to thrive forward and their enthusiasm is contagious. I have found new friends and we support each other to beat our shortcomings. I’m grateful to Lord for being kind to me 🙂

Online life has taken a backseat among all the hubbub. I’m struggling to manage time for all the tasks; the housewife in me is used to a relaxed lifestyle. The blogging and Instagram activities were low last month. Weekends are spent running the tasks, finishing the chores and catching up with the lessons. Phew!

How do you manage your time between the tasks and find ample time for your favourite tasks/hobbies? How did May treat you? I would love to know.

May Goals

Hello, there!

I know I promised myself not to stress about the numbers, but it has started to niggle me again. There are a few concerns I should focus on at present, so I’m going to leave the state of this blog as it is. The Pinterest magic and Instagram traffic can wait three more months, I hope.

Just when I thought I had a control of life, I can sense the troubles coming back again. Maybe not the troubles. Those are the issues I had pushed deep down, and now is the time to deal with them for better.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I can’t deal with the stress and anxiety once again, so this month I intend to work more towards keeping my mind sane and healthy. I hope these silly goals could assist me with that, something to take my mind off when situations are difficult.

  • A rainy day playlist– the season of dark and moody days with a roar of thunder and rain is nearing. It’s the time to get cosy.
  • A new embroidery design of flowers
  • Write at least one post per week
  • Start doing Yoga again
  • Make a morning routine
  • Go for a walk whenever possible
  • Read three books, including a Classic novel
  • Leave a thoughtful comment on the blogs
  • Cook more 😀

I know, I know. But these goals have saved me many times. Do you keep monthly goals? Do you achieve them all? Petty ones or serious goals? I would love to know.